little bundle of fur

dec. 27, 2011

yes, there’s a pattern forming here.

before i shut off the tv and tried to catch some Zs, the tiny curled up ON my chest to sleep. her whiskers were tickling my face, but i didn’t want to move for fear she’d get spooked and bolt. there are few things better than snuggling with the tiny.

kirk wasn’t yet in bed, so the pooper decided he’d take over that side of the bed. he, of course, had to move about an hour later… and he once again took up residence on my feet. such a good pooper!

and the tiny… she’s just a cuddle bug. i’ve never had a cat that cuddles at night the way she does. i can’t pick her up and hold her like i can with the big cat; it has to be on her terms, so it makes me SO happy to know she’s comfortable enough to curl up with me. i feel like i’m protecting her, and i hope she knows i’ll never let anything happen to her.

i hope it means something to her that i let her sleep on me; it means SO much to me that she does it… and it’s the sweetest thing.


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