ho-ho-ho…a chetmas tail

kirk and i were at his mom and dad’s in backus for christmas eve and christmas day.

christmas morning, i went for a run on the desolate, dirt roads, covered in newly fallen snow. the wind was coming from the north, so i ran two miles into it and figured i’d turn around and run back with a tail wind.

i got to about the 2-mile mark and, in fact, turned around. started back for the cabin when i noticed, sitting at the top of the hill i had just run down, either a stray dog…or a wolf. shit!

i wasn’t sure if i should keep running toward it, but i didn’t have much choice, so i did. the closer i got, i could see it was a dog. it looked black…and BIG.

then i noticed the ears perk up. those ears looked familiar.

i saw a truck heading toward the dog, and that truck looked familiar, too. it was kirk. he was out driving in search of one of our apparently wayward duggies.

turns out the ‘wolf-like stray dog’ was chet, my duggie. he had come looking for “mom” and found me, two miles from the cabin. and there he sat, at the top of the hill, watching me run and making sure none of the crazy locals (and believe me, there ARE some!) messed with me.

kirk loaded chet in the truck but then waited for me to catch up and asked if i wanted chet to run with me back to the cabin. i’d never taken the dogs running with me before, and with chet’s A.D.D., i wasn’t sure he’d run with me or just create his own path.

so kirk got chet out of the truck and waited for me to start running. chet didn’t follow; he ran either alongside me or two feet in front of me…the entire way back.

me and my duggie…runnin’ on christmas. it was pretty sweet. woof.

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  1. ESC says:

    This is my very favorite story. I admire your writing, as I do your superb connection with all your furry critters. You are a very special lady. I’m certain Chet will tell you the same thing, in spades.
    You are a writer and an artist. Never, never forget those two attributes you were born with. I was born dangling participles, myself.
    Love you,
    Ms. Casey

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